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5 mindset shifts to help you feel positive when life gets hard

Life is full of ups and downs.  And, even though we try to stay happy and positive, sometimes we just can’t help but feel a little down. We internalize our thoughts about something that annoys or hurts us.  However, thinking about it over and over only reinforces negative feelings and negative energy.  Get yourself out of internalizing negative thoughts by following these 5 steps to positivity! 

Try using meditation to help transition to positive thoughts.  Try breathing exercises for 10 minutes to clear your head and you will start to feel relaxed and ready to start thinking of something that gives you joy again!

Without struggles, you wouldn’t get to grow your mental strength.  It’s a blessing in disguise. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself.  Accept the situation and the challenge before you.

Writing a list, will keep you feeling more relieved and organized!  Then the next step is to follow through.  Focus on one task at a time. Complete them one by one and cross them off as you go.  You’ll feel less stressed in no time!

If they are in your family, try to help them in subtle ways.  If they’re friends, spend less time with the negative ones and more time with positive ones.  Your time, energy, and feelings are precious.  Don’t let others destroy your mood, positivity, or happiness.

Focus on the things that you enjoy – like spending time with your kid, or your dog.  Drink your favorite latte while enjoying an amazing book, or have dinner with someone special in your life.  Focus on the good and good will follow!

Do you feel you need additional help shifting your mind to more positive thoughts and feelings? Give Best Care EAP a call.  Best Care EAP trained counselors are available to help. 

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