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5 tips to staying CALM during the holiday rush

The holidays can be quite an undertaking. You have all the festivities and the loved ones that come along with it. Sound a little stressful? It doesn’t have to be. With the right balance, you can navigate through the holiday season with as little stress as possible.

Ah, yes the ever-present “take care of yourself” tip. Pay special attention to sleep and exercise this season. It can make all the difference. Studies have repeatedly shown that when people get enough sleep, they’re more focused, can better handle stress, and are generally happier!

BONUS: Exercise is a natural stress-buster and an all-natural mood booster and helps you sleep better!

Visualize yourself crossing the finish line (or the Thanksgiving dinner). Looking ahead and planning your holidays can make for a successful season. Set aside time for all your prep work. Figure out days and times you can shop that won’t involve large crowds. 

BONUS: By planning ahead you can hit the stores in record time and make it fun for everyone!

When things get stressful, it’s tempting to shut yourself off from the world. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really help reduce holiday stress. In fact, it could make it worse. Make it a priority to spend time with family and friends. Catch up and shower your loved ones with attention and appreciation.

BONUS: Showing your family members how much you care about them will strengthen your relationships.

The holidays are full of parties and invitations. Don’t feel like you have to say yes to all of it. In fact, be a little choosy. Only do what you need to do.

BONUS: Take the time to slow down and enjoy the activities you do choose, as well as the friends and family you are with.

It’s the holidays! There is so much to be thankful for. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself what you have can help ground you.

BONUS: Few things are a more effective remedy for any holiday blues than POSITIVITY!!

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