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7 Tips to Becoming a More Effective Leader

Don’t want to worry about managing people? Make managing easier by using these 7 key leadership tips! You and your organization will benefit as a direct result.

  1. Delegate wisely  Most bosses feel the need to control every little going on in their departments. You don’t need to. Delegate the responsibility for completing assignments as well as the authority to get things done.
  2. Set goals  Everyone needs goals to strive for.Set specific and measurable goals with your employees. Continue to monitor their progress toward achieving them. Set mid-year meeting as a check-in and offer help as needed.
  3. Communicate It’s almost impossible to over-communicate. Ongoing communication may be difficult to do at first, but, keep your employees informed. Hold team meetings and provide feedback often. Once you get employees the information they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, you’ll see increased productivity and know it was well worth the effort.
  4. Make time for employees Put your work aside for a moment. Look away from your email, put down your smartphone and focus on the person standing in front of you.
  5. Recognize achievements The good news is that there are many things you can do to recognize employees that cost little or no money, and only take a few minutes to accomplish. Write a quick thank you note when you see them going above and beyond. Positively reinforce completion of goals in team meetings.
  6. Think about lasting solutions Many problems are solved quickly without looking at a lasting solution that may take longer to develop. Don’t treat the symptom. Solve issues using common sense and step back to assess frequently to make sure decisions are working for the long-term benefit for all.
  7. Don’t take it all too seriously Successful leaders make their organizations fun places to work. Instead of having employees who look for every reason to call in sick or to arrive to work late or go home early, organizations that work hard and play hard end up with a more loyal, energized workforce.

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