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Autumn is the Season for Re-Adjusting Priorities

With the end of the year looming and cooler temperatures rolling in, it’s a perfect time to check, re-adjust and re-align priorities.  NOTE:  It is “normal” to feel a little out of balance this time of year. 

Are you SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder is a category of depression that emerges in particular seasons of the year. Most people notice SAD symptoms starting in the fall and increasing during the winter months, but a few people experience a spring/summer version.

With daylight savings time and daylight hours resulting in shorter days, it is the season we have to be more cautious about feeling balanced at home and at work.

Are long hours at work necessary?

If you go to and emerge from your workplace in the dark, think carefully about why.  Are you sitting at your desk too long without real focus? Would you be better off coming in earlier and leaving earlier? What do you need to do in order to gain more control over your work schedule and enjoy a little sunshine during the day?

See the bigger picture. 

Look at your work/life blend up to this point in the year. How many times have you gotten away with family or friends? Were there specific weeks or months where you worked really, really long hours? Were there times you were less busy? You might find that you are having a balanced year. Or you might realize you need to make a change.

No time for Exercise? 

While you are thinking about what you want to add or eliminate from your daily routine, remember exercise should be a top priority. Research shows you're less likely to feel a conflict between your working life and your home life if you are getting in some activity most days. Exercising is also a perfect way to release stress.

Final adjustments.

Even with less daylight, we can still take advantage of the 24 hours in our day. We might just have to adjust our sleep schedule, our work schedule or our play schedule. The goal for any season should be squeezing joy and satisfaction from both work and life.

Do you feel you need additional help this time of year focusing or managing stress in your everyday life? Give Best Care EAP a call. Best Care EAP has trained counselors available to help. 

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