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Balance Keeping It All Together

Two children, a spouse, soccer practice, a demanding job, and a dog. Does this sound familiar? If you want to do your best for both your job and your family, balance is the key. Although it may be difficult, it is not impossible. Consider the following steps to restore harmony and balance to your daily routine.

Set Boundaries

Communicate with your manager to clarify expectations regarding work schedule, overtime, and after-hours requirements.

Working from home. If you bring work home for review try not to let it interfere with family activities.

Explore your options. Consult with your manager or HR Department about alternative work schedules, flextime, or company programs to help meet the needs of your family.

Time Management

Time management skills are an essential tool to help plan and organize your day. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals, and try not to allow the unexpected twists and turns of life to hamper your spirit.

Prioritize. Focus your time and energy on areas that are important to the needs, long-term health and happiness of your family.

It’s OK to say NO to overwhelming demands on your time. Setting limits on activities will help you and your family from becoming overextended.

Use Your Support System

Maintain your friendships. It’s important to not allow your friendships to take a back seat to the daily grind. Schedule lunch, movies, phone calls or anything to keep you connected.

Do you know your neighbors? Make a point to knock on doors and get to know your neighbors.  A trusted neighbor may be able to help in an emergency or time of need.

It’s OK to ask for help. Family and friends may be able to help with carpooling, child or elder care. Teach older children responsibility by helping with chores or watching younger children.

Take care of yourself. Rather than taking care of everyone else, try to spend some leisure time on yourself. A few hours of relaxation may greatly improve your ability to handle the daily stress of a working parent.

Well-balanced employees are safe employees.

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