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Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining - Even COVID-19

The common expression "every dark cloud has a silver lining" means that even the worst events or situations can bring some good and positivity to our world.   Even through all the darkness with COVID-19, we have been able to see the good in each other.  Let’s focus on the positivity we’ve experienced:

  • Strengthen friend and family connections – Now is the time to spend quality time with your family.  Hug your kids.  Look them in the eyes.  Have long conversations with them.  Ask them about their goals.  All of this promotes closeness and will boost oxytocin, a hormone that keeps you calm.  When oxytocin levels spike, then the stress hormone cortisol is turned off.
  • Appreciate the small things – Even during a quarantine you still have many small moments you can cherish.  The smell of freshly brewed coffee, sitting on your deck taking in the sun, walking your dog, etc.  Take in these moments, don’t let them rush by.  Now is the time to practice mindfulness.  Your brain will recognize you are experiencing something good which boosts your serotonin.  It will elevate your mood and make you feel calmer.
  • Look for the good in others – It’s easy to look for the bad.  It’s everywhere.  But, there is also the good coming out too, as we have all had time to process this event.  Now, we are turning to ways we can help, give, and take care of each other.

When we turn to the positive aspects of this crisis, we become more united in hope! 

Taking charge of our mental health will help us more easily get through the unknown future that lies ahead.  

Fostering positive emotions will increase your resilience – bounce back quicker and recover faster, increase your immunity – more likely to fight off symptoms, and make you think more clearly – the way we feel influences the way we think.

Even though positive emotions do boost problem solving skills and creativity, we  still might need help keeping positivity alive during this pandemic. Best Care EAP counselors are here to help. Schedule your confidential appointment by calling (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182 or send an email to eap@bestcareeap.org.