How Are You Making A Difference in This World

“I mean, I enjoy my work as an actor.  But to make a difference in people’s lives through advocacy and through supporting research – that’s the kind of privilege that few people get, and it’s certainly bigger than being on TV every Thursday for half an hour.”  –Michael J. Fox

Everyone has a role to play in our society.  The truth is we can all make a difference. You’re probably already doing things to make our world better and you aren’t even aware of it!

Doesn’t matter what sector you fall in, profit, non-profit, technology, if you engage in work with a dedicated mind and heart, you’re making a difference.

A recent study by tells us that 45% of the public believe that “bad people are quite rare.”  So, regardless of what we might hear in the media, there are plenty of good, honest people in this world.  If you are among this group, you’re making a difference.

Why do people try and better themselves?  To better their lives, better other lives and gain respect.  To enhance your opportunities and to better the lives of those around you is also making a difference.

You understand the importance of human connections and relationships.  Some people will push beyond perceived limitations to make these connections happen.  As a result, others learn from their knowledge and talent.  Many counselors and teachers have to get out of their “comfort zone” before being able to pursue their passion:  helping people.

People who make a difference don’t clock in and out.  If you spend a good amount of time making others smile, you are making a difference. 

You don’t have to be a CEO of a company to share your knowledge with others.  You can volunteer your talents or become a big brother or sister and share your knowledge to build relationships with children in need.

Go out of your way to help someone.  Giving of yourself is something we can all do in some way.  You don’t need to be wealthy or have a lot of free time.  Helping someone cross the street, or put their groceries in their car, listening to a friend in need are just a few of the ways you can “give” back.

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