Emotional and Mental

It's Fall Ya'll! Hit the reset button!

2020 hasn't been what any of us expected, so the change of seasons may be just what we all need!  Fall is the start to a new school year and can also be a time to hit the reset button for our minds as well as our bodies. Here are some suggestions:

Drink lemon water first thing in the morning.

Start your day off with a big dose of hydration by drinking a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. Lemon water helps rejuvenate dull skin, and helps you digest food better so you’ll be less bloated throughout the day.

Get some fresh air.

Go outside on your lunch break without your phone, and take some time to notice your surroundings.  Feel the air on your skin, and take in some long, deep, and reflective breaths.

Declutter your digital life.

Give yourself fewer options for distraction by deleting apps you don’t use, emails you don’t need, and bookmarks you aren’t going to read.

Up your fruit and veggie intake.

Maybe you’ve been feeling a little lethargic from your food choices lately. Try adding in more of the good stuff – think fruit smoothies with spinach, a hearty veggie salad for lunch or an additional vegetable option with dinner. 

Try positive affirmations.

Give yourself some words of encouragement:  I am safe and secure, I have everything I need, I am unique and interesting

Freshen up your desk space. 

Get rid of any clutter you don’t need. Add in a couple of your favorite trip photos or sayings on your desk as encouragement.  Freshen up your area purchasing a citrus or lavender spray to cultivate relaxation and happiness vibes.

Focus on one thing at a time.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, get serious about your priorities and figure out what you can set aside for now. Focus on one thing at a time, even if you’re afraid of forgetting something.

Go somewhere new.

Even with COVID, if you can’t go very far, explore an area near you that you’ve never been to. Maybe find a new trail to walk on, a different coffee shop to work at, or even just take a different route to work to switch things up.  Changing up your routine helps put yourself into a new mindset. 

Yep, it’s fall, ya’ll so let’s take the time to reset our minds!  Need more help hitting the reset button?  EAP counseling is confidential and FREE!  Call the COVID Counseling helpline 800-801-4182, or 402-354-8000 or email @email to schedule an appointment.