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Know the warning signs

10 Common Warning signs of a Mental Health Condition

Trying to tell the difference between a bad mood and something more serious is not easy. Is it too much stress or a chemical imbalance? There’s no pencil and paper test to identify mental illness.

While each illness does have its own set of symptoms, some common signs of mental illness in adults and adolescents can include:

  1. Feeling sad or withdrawn for more than 2 weeks.
  2. Severe mood swings that cause issues in relationships.
  3. Sudden overwhelming fear for no reason.
  4. Intense worries or fears that get in the way of daily activities.
  5. Seriously trying to harm or kill one self or making plans to do so.
  6. Not eating, throwing up or using laxatives to lose weight.  Significant weight loss or weight gain.
  7. Severe out-of control risk-taking behavior that can cause harm to self or others.
  8. Repeated use of drugs or alcohol.
  9. Drastic changes in behavior, personality or sleeping habits.
  10. Extreme difficulty staying still or concentrating.

Mental health conditions can also begin to develop in young children.  Did you know that 1 in 5 youth or young adults live with a mental health condition?  Because they are still learning how to identify and talk about thoughts and emotions, the most obvious symptoms are behavioral:

  1. Changes in school performance
  2. Excessive worry or anxiety
  3. Hyperactive behavior
  4. Frequent nightmare
  5. Frequent disobedience or aggression
  6. Frequent temper tantrums

If you recognize these behaviors in someone close to you or think you might need some help yourself, Best Care EAP can help. Early treatment is the key to success. Call today. A professional counselor is available at no cost to you.

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