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Lessons Learned from 2020

Lessons Learned in 2020:   week 1   week 2   week 3

2020 was quite the year.  We thought it would be a great idea to ask our staff what they learned in 2020.  Truly we didn't anticipate how reflective and insightful all our staff would be when responding.  We were going to share a few lines from each but they were all so good!  So, over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing all of them. 

What did you learn in 2020?  Here are the first few:

Dave Dechant, Training Consultant:  Life is hard, people are problematic, and justice is something we strive for but rarely obtain.  However, when push to comes to shove, most people will grit their teeth, set aside their differences, and do what’s right for everyone (e.g., wear masks, wash their hands, and socially distance).  This gives me hope – and that’s good enough.

Joy Youngland, EAP Counselor:   We often mistakenly believe we can plan out our lives.  However, life often takes us on unexpected detours.  The more we can accept the life we are given, the more we can enjoy and appreciate each day's gifts.

Terry Coleman, Manager, Clinical Services:  This is really not a new lesson for me but 2020 has emphasized I am only in control of myself. What happens in the world around me is in the hands of someone far greater than me.

Michelle Hruska, LAP Coordinator:  I learned I did not become a teacher for a reason.  My children do much better in the hands of the professionals.  Thus, I also learned to not take teachers or our opportunities to learn for granted.

Laurie Mueller, Business Office:  I learned that there is always other ways to accomplish things, meaning how we are doing counseling by telehealth and clients really do seem to like it. 

Robyn Burnett, Manager, Account Education and Training:  I learned that nothing else matters but the health and safety of my children.  I often put other things ahead of them and this year I was forced to think about what matters most.  I made the decision to keep them home with me for several months in an effort to protect them.  Although I may not have been able to completely prevent exposure from the virus in the long-run, those short months together was time I will never regret or get back.

Yes, 2020 was quite the year.  If you need someone to talk to, give Best Care EAP a call at 402-354-8000 or 800-801-4182 or email @email. Counselors are just a phone call away.