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Summer is here! Co-workers are taking more vacation, stores are suddenly stocked with beach umbrellas, sunscreen, charcoal and pool toys. One of the best ways to make sure that you have a great summer at work is to set some goals. Below you’ll find the first in a 3-part summer goal setting series: personal development.

It is time to invest in yourself. Start now and you can be a better employee by the time fall comes around.

Be careful about doing what you are supposed to do, conscientious people are happier at work, healthier and have more influence. If a couple is conscientious, they’re likely to be at a healthier weight, happy at work, and have their mortgage paid off. If not, they are likely to be overweight, dislike their jobs and have tons of debt.

When you let other people upset you, you’re allowing them to dictate how you feel. You’re giving them power over you! Calm yourself down by taking a few deep breaths, tell yourself you will not give anyone the power to make you unhappy, then take back your power by controlling what you’re thinking and choosing a different line of thought.

Everyone experiences self-doubt every once-in-a-while. High achievers overcome it while underachievers wallow in it. The biggest hurdle is silencing your own negative inner chatter with supporting evidence and self-talk. “I understand that it’s going to be hard. But this is important to me, and I’m willing to do the necessary work.”

Setting and achieving goals can be difficult. We can all use a little help when a situation seems a little more than we can handle. Best Care EAP has counselors ready to help.

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