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The Power of a Growth Mindset

Our work careers require us to be constantly evolving.  According to a workplace study, 375 million workers worldwide will need to change roles or learn new skills by 2030.  This is a scary thought, but personal and professional growth has always meant exploring, trying, failing and learning. 

Having a growth mindset will keep you competitive in a changing workplace.  If you want to change your behaviors, find meaningful work, build better habits, and stay current you need to have one–-according to Carol Dweck, a Stanford Psychologist

Are you growth or fixed?

Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset believe abilities—like talent and intelligence—can be developed through dedication and hard work.  They’re more likely to enjoy learning, seek out situations to experiment, and see failure as an opportunity to grow.

Fixed Mindset

Those with a fixed mindset believe the opposite.  They feel they “are who they are” and were born with a set level of talent, intelligence, and interests.  They are more likely to seek out opportunities where these views are affirmed and believe that talent along—not effort—is the source of success.

Awareness is the key at work to keeping a growth mindset:

  1. Understand the power of “not yet”-stay in the now, don’t shy away from difficulties when completing a task-this is how you learn.
  2. Set learning goals-to help automatically advance your career.
  3. Use deliberate practice-rather than just going through your motions of the day, set specific goals and look for ways to improve all the time.
  4. Ask for feedback for improvement-praise is okay, but digging deeper into improving your good work will make you great.
  5. Re-assess your long-term goals-connect goals to the higher purpose and stay on track.

We all change over time, and adapting is our greatest asset.  We all need to keep up if we don’t want to be left behind. 

Take a minute to really think about the way you approach your work.  Do you really believe you can grow?  Do you find you have a fixed mentality?  Need help?  Best Care EAP counselors are available.  Schedule your confidential appointment by calling (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182, or send an email to