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Returning to Work After COVID-19 SERIES: What's Next

That is the question everyone is asking. The future is not what we thought it would be only a few short months ago.  What are the future work trends we can expect going forward after COVID-19? 

An increase in remote working. 

Organizations were forced to adjust working from home policies and in some instances results were a definite shift to more remote work during COVID-19.  As a result, companies had to make a quick transition to explore what competencies employees will need to hit to collaborate effectively in the digital world.  As  employees and companies continue to stay in this remote working world, goal-setting and employee evaluations will need a remote context reboot! 

Expanded employer role as a social safety net.

The pandemic has increased the role employers play in their employees’ financial, physical and mental well-being. Support has included enhanced sick leave, financial assistance, adjusted hours of operation and in some instances child care assistance. The current economic crisis has also pushed the bounds of how employers view the employee experience – and are now focusing on improving the physical as well as emotional well-being of employees more than ever before.

Transition from designing for efficiency to designing for resilience. 

Before COVID-19, organizations were focused on streamlining roles and workflows to increase efficiency. This increased efficiencies but didn’t allow systems to have the flexibility to respond to interruptions. Now, after COVID-19, organizations will design roles around outcomes to increase flexibility and allow employees to adapt easily.  This way they can acquire the crossfunctional knowledge and training necessary to respond to any of the organization’s needs with ease.

There is a lot to think about (whether you are an employee or employer) when returning to work after COVID-19.  This is not an easy time for anyone.  There will be uncertainty.  There will be uneasiness.  Everyone will need to be patient as we navigate through these unchartered waters.

If you feel anxious about returning to work or about COVID-19, call a Best Care EAP counselor.  All sessions with a BCEAP counselor are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. The COVID counseling help line is available 24/7, call (800) 801-4182.