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Staying Positive: Try One of These 7 TIPS

When you’re going through a rough patch, do you find it hard to look on the bright side?

Even when you are the sunniest person in the world, it can be difficult to stay positive when tough times present themselves.  Sometimes our problems can seem overwhelming.  However, we all go through them and we don’t want to waste our lives dwelling on the negative!   So, what can you do to get out of your funk and stay on top of your game?

  1. Figure out the little things that make you happy. Need a change, like holiday music?   Make yourself some hot chocolate and listen to “White Christmas.” It could make you smile.  And, if it makes you smile, so be it.  
  2. Focus on what’s good.  Our natural tendency is to only focus on the negative.  Make an attempt to say wow, look at all I DO have.   
  3. Work towards a goal, towards something you care about. Volunteer for an organization, run a marathon, finish a project for a friend.  Focus on something outside your norm.  It will help you appreciate life more.
  4. Wear your favorite outfit.  However, don’t put on your sweatpants, even though it can be very tempting.  Grab that favorite sweater or pair of jeans, something that will make you feel great.  Feeling good = positive attitude.
  5. Eat right. The last thing you need is to feel sluggish. Although comfort foods are tempting, reach for healthy, fresh fruits or vegetables to give you the energy to push through any negativity.
  6. Find your mantra. Is there a short quote or saying that you have heard recently that gives you the message you need to power through a tough day?  You could use “I am happy,” or “you can do this,” or “this too shall pass.”  Stating aloud to yourself these positive phrases should help you maintain your inner balance.
  7. Vent.  Do you keep your emotions bottled up inside?  It is healthy to talk to someone about your feelings.  And, while “venting” to a friend might make you feel good in the short term, getting through rough patches may require you to seek help from a professional.


It can be tempting to crawl away and shut yourself off from the world when difficult situations arise. Surround yourself with the things you love.  Focus on the positive.  You can stay sunny even on your cloudiest of days!

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