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Take Advantage of Your Time at Home - Series WK 2

Ok, it’s week 2, and we’ve made it through!  Staying inside does have it’s challenges, but taking advantage of this time at home can be fruitful.


Let’s take a look at specific spaces within your home: 

  • HOME OFFICE go through all your old papers and files, what stays vs. what can go?  Make a pile of items you can shred, create new labels for all your files
  • CLOSETS  We can start with the pantry in your kitchen – organize the shelves, cereal on one shelf, can goods on another etc.  If you have lots of shelves, and  items, do you need to do labels? Do all your canned goods face front?  Do you have a “grocery reorder board” when items run out? 

(even when social distancing!!)  There are so many apps, here are some examples of a few to get you started:

  • MARCO POLO APP – great for sending video messages to individuals
  • GOOGLE HANGOUTS APP – great for video chatting with multiple parties
  • FACEBOOK MESSENGER APP – easy to use, group video calls, you can check on others, or use it for business

NOTE:  Be Proactive, and set weekly “Check-in Sessions” with friends/family to make sure everyone is doing ok.

  • FOLLOW a ROUTINE while at home, it’s important to set some daily goals (individually and as a family)  Exercise – in your basement, garage, or go take a walk outside.
  • SEND A LETTER or EMAIL someone you haven’t in a while.  Sending a hand written personal note will increase positivity during this uncertain time.    

Best Care EAP’s COVID Coronavirus Counseling HELP LINE is now available. This NEW help line is private, accessible and convenient. During this time of social distancing, telehealth is the best option. Schedule your confidential appointment 800.801.4182.