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Transitioning Back to the Office

During the COVID-19 crisis, employees quickly adapted to doing their jobs remotely. After a year of various levels of shut down, now businesses and restaurants are now opening back up. So, what about going back to the workplace?  Where are you in setting your mind to thinking about getting back to work in an office?

In a recent study of 1,000 professionals, one in five workers says there is “nothing” they are looking forward to about coming back and half said they are fearful of going back due to health concerns. Many companies have offered a great deal of flexibility throughout the last year, and likely flexibility will continue with other visible changes.

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen in many parts of the world, many organizations seem to be struggling with what will work best.  New guidelines for cleaning, office settings modified, staggered work schedules are just some of the policies/procedures companies have considered and implemented.

For most, the return to the office is inevitable, the question is what will that look like? What can you as an employee do to help with the return process?  Here are a few tips:

Be Realistic – Some companies will not be able to continue to allow employees to work from home, some will.  What makes sense to maintain customer service levels? What  issues is the company experiencing?    Overall, focusing on the “big picture” and what makes your company sustainable is the most important.  After all, it’s your livelihood. 

Maintain Optimism – Stay as optimistic as possible.  Recognize that this will be a moving target. Everyone will need to adapt, stay positive and keep lines of communication open with your boss and your coworkers.  Give people grace, even those within your company making tough decisions – know everyone is trying to do their best.

Practice Patience – Continue to practice staying calm while your company works through issues experienced while transitioning to this next phase.  Along with patience for peers as they work through best options for their families.

Certainly, the last year has been difficult.  But, we have gotten through it and have learned some valuable things about ourselves along the way.  We will adapt, we will adjust and excel.  We’re on the other side of this now, and we will persevere.

Are you needing some additional help adjusting to working back in an office setting?  Best Care EAP is here to help.  If you need someone to talk to, give Best Care EAP a call at 402-354-8000 or 800-801-4182 or email @email. Counselors are just a phone call away.