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Work productivity in the summer, more or less?


Work Productivity in the Summer, more or less?

Summer lightens the mood. 

It might seem like when the warm weather and long days of summer arrive, people start ignoring work responsibilities.  And, that can be true.  But managers shouldn’t fear:  even though people tend to take more time off for vacations during the summer months—studies show it is at this time of year, employees are actually better at getting things done.

Good weather = Happiness

Good weather gives people more opportunities to socialize with their friends and family (and coworkers.)  Employees might not just sit at their desk over the lunch hour.  They tend to go out for lunch, they want to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  There is something to say about the weather and happiness.  Sunshine + fresh air + the grass beneath your feet = relaxation and happy thoughts!

Happy employees are less stressed.

So, when you are experiencing this great weather and the company of friends and family, the feeling is work/life is balancing out!  You are filling your cup up with great memories and experiences.  Suddenly, working for these kinds of events are worth it. These life events help remind you WHY you are working so hard!

Planning goes a long way.

Easing back into the workplace after a long vacation is the way to go.  Plan to arrive home a few days before you go back to work on a Monday.  This way you can catch up on laundry, run any errands and make the transition into your work week with less stress.  Especially if you have a family, the list can be a long.  You want your first day back to be a calm one.  You don’t want to feel like you need a vacation from the one you just took! 

So, turns out you can be more productive in the summer months!  How are you handling your summer?  Are you finding it hard to keep up with work?    Have you taken time off to regroup—but, feel more stressed out than ever before? Best Care EAP counselors are here to help. Schedule your confidential appointment with an EAP counselor today by calling (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182, or send an email to