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Best Care EAP offices will be closed the following business days for the "holiday season":  Friday, December 24, AND Friday, December 31.  As always, counselors are available 24/7 to help in any way they can. Call 800-801-4182 or 402-354-8000 to reach a counselor.

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A meeting invite will be sent prior to the 9 AM (CST) start time. This is an online event through ZOOM.
This is a FREE event.
Each month Best Care EAP trainers will feature a FREE webinar on various HOT TOPICS in the workplace.

About This Event

Once again health experts are sounding the alarm over the dangers to our physical and mental wellbeing posed by excessive “screen time” – passive social media scrolling, excessive internet consumption, and video gaming.  But what are we to do when the ongoing pandemic, among other things, is forcing us to rely more and more on technology to stay connected both personally and professionally?  Are there ways we can “have our cake and eat it, too”?  Enjoy the benefits of “screen time” without inflicting lasting harm on body and soul?  The answer is YES!  Join us as we offer strategies for integrating “screen time” into a healthy lifestyle.