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Licensed, Professional Counselors Who Are Ready to Help

It’s more important than ever to have a variety of counseling options. At Best Care EAP, we offer a range of services so each member can quickly and easily find the solution that works best for their needs and preferences. Regardless of how members choose to access confidential services, they’re all delivered by licensed professional counselors located in their area.

A "Concierge Approach" to Counseling

Best Care EAP is proud to offer a nationwide network of licensed counselors to serve our members. Members who prefer to speak with a trained counselor can start by completing the Counselor Registration Form.

Once we receive the form, our professional staff gets to work finding the right licensed provider in their area to meet each client’s preferred appointment type and availability. Typically, we have provider information within two business days. We call this our “concierge approach” to care.

Talkspace Virtual Counseling

Best Care EAP is proud to partner with Talkspace, a leader in online therapy services. Its easy-to-use, secure online platform is designed for members who prefer to set their own appointments via an app or online portal. Providers are available nationwide, and sessions can be held via video chat, over the phone or even through text messaging.

Employer Referrals for Counseling

When normal coaching and/or disciplinary measures do not get results, employers have the option to refer employees for EAP counseling to help resolve job performance issues. To start this process, complete our Employee Referral Form.

Screening Tools

If you've had trouble sleeping or been experiencing racing thoughts, the screening tools below can help you understand more about your mental health and overall wellbeing. These tools are educational and anonymous – we cannot link them to any one individual. If you are concerned about the results of a screening, please contact Best Care EAP at (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182 and visit confidentially with a counselor.

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You're Waiting for Your Session. Now What?
Best Care EAP shares tips to help you stay productive while you wait for your session date.