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Frequently Asked Questions

The Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program is a benefit for Nebraska health and health-related service licensees, certificate holders and registrants.
Contact NE LAP
For more information, call the NE LAP office at (402) 354-8055 or (800) 851-2336, or contact us using our online form.
What is the Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program?

The Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program (NE LAP) provides alcohol/substance use assessments, referral assistance, case management/monitoring, and educational sessions for people credentialed by the DHHS Licensure Unit, which oversees Best Care Employee Assistance Program’s (EAP) provision of these services.  Best Care EAP is a service of the Nebraska Methodist Health System in Omaha, Nebraska.   

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is credentialed by the Licensure Unit is eligible including those whose license is currently suspended.  However, a credential holder does not have to be involved with the Licensure Unit or the legal system to utilize NE LAP services.  NE LAP welcomes self-referrals.  If you have questions regarding eligibility, you can call the NE LAP at (800) 851-2336. 

What is the cost?

There is no charge for the services provided by the NE LAP, including alcohol/substance use assessments conducted by the NE LAP staff.  However, if recommendations for alcohol/substance use treatment or other services are made, the expenses for the services are the responsibility of the credential holder. 

Who provides the services?

Michelle Hruska, LIMHP, LADC provides the services.  She has extensive experience in the field of alcohol/substance use disorders and working with credential holders. 

If I enter the Program, will anyone find out?

Services provided by the NE LAP are confidential.  Information cannot be released without the credential holder's authorization, unless provision of information is required by state or federal law. NE LAP is required to report the credential holder to the DHHS Investigations Unit when NE LAP determines that:  (1) continued practice would pose a danger to public health and safety, or (2) a credential holder fails to comply with any term or condition of a treatment plan. 

I live outside of eastern Nebraska and it is not convenient for me to drive to the NE LAP office in Omaha. Where will I have to go for a NE LAP assessment?

The NE LAP also provides alcohol/substance use assessments at the Best Care office located in Fremont. Assessments can be provided at other locations throughout Nebraska as needed, or via tele-health services. 

I am not sure if I need help for my alcohol/substance use. What should I do?

If you are questioning whether or not you need help with your alcohol or substance use, please call and consult with the NE LAP staff.  We will discuss your concerns with you and help you determine what you need to do to effectively address your situation. 

What educational programs does the NE LAP provide?

The NE LAP provides educational sessions on the services of the NE LAP and on Alcohol/Substance Use Disorders and the Health Services Professional.  Sessions are generally one to two hours in length and are tailored to the amount of time available for the educational program. Some populations we provide educational sessions for include, but are not limited to:  educational institutions; graduating college seniors; medical staff; professional staff/organizations/conferences; and State Board meetings.

Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program Brochure

Learn more about the Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program and the services we offer.