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Over 40 years of experience supporting employers and employees in times of crisis

Conditions can suddenly change in the workplace, such as an employee’s unexpected death or illness, layoffs, robberies, or natural disasters and it can be difficult for employees to be engaged and productive. In stressful times like these, HR is usually the "first responder" to initiate an appropriate and timely response.

You can trust that Best Care EAP will be there immediately to help your employees handle these difficult situations and return to normal functioning as soon as possible. A professionally coordinated response by trained Best Care EAP counselors will lessen the effects of the incident, reduce the need for sick or stress leave, as well as significantly lower the number of resignations.

Group and Individual Support

Skilled and compassionate Best Care EAP counselors meet with leaders, individual employees, and/or small or large groups of employees to discuss typical reactions to crisis and behavioral warning signs. They will also discuss and develop strategies that facilitate recovery, including a reminder about their confidential EAP resource that is available for individual support.