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Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Best Care EAP provides Human Resource staff and managers the tools to make your jobs easier.

In common sense terms, Best Care EAP support for your employees creates a positive impact beyond a monetary return on investment. Taking care of your employees and their families by providing a compassionate, responsive EAP has positive effects on employee morale, loyalty, health and well-being — which leads to a healthier community in which you do business.

It’s noted that 95% of the time, poor work performance can be traced to unresolved personal issues. Couple this observation with the fact that replacing a problematic employee can cost your organization as much as two to three times that person’s annual salary, and it just makes sense to make every effort to help that employee get back on track. 

Onsite Support

When catastrophe happens -- a death, violence, natural disaster, or reorganization -- you need to be prepared to respond. Upon your request, Best Care EAP will dispatch licensed clinicians who are trained in critical response. Onsite support may occur in a group setting or on an individual basis. Connecting with Best Care EAP immediately after critical events can make a huge difference in helping employees get back on their feet and minimizing workplace disruption. It also marks the employer as one who understands and cares about their employees' overall health and well-being.

Employer Referral 

Sometimes, managing employees can be difficult. The employer referral will help you salvage troubled, but otherwise valuable employees, at each stage of your organization’s disciplinary process. Utilizing the Best Care EAP Employee Referral process can help you retain valuable employees.

EAP Promotion

The biggest challenge to EAP utilization is communicating to employees that there are resources available to them. Best Care EAP provides a variety of promotional materials and information to help you gain awareness in your company.


Best Care Consultants are available to facilitate onsite training on a variety of wellness and team building topics. Many of these topics are also available via webinar on this website! Training is also one of the most effective ways to promote Best Care EAP services. 


Years of experience with hundreds of companies make Best Care EAP counselors and consultants an excellent resource when you are managing challenging personnel and team situations.

Supervisory Notes

Receive quarterly information written to help improve your management skills and effectiveness.   

Best Care Coaching Services

Best Care's Coaching Service involves one-on-one coaching sessions facilitated by a Best Care Coach to identify, plan and acquire specific competencies for greater job and/or life or career satisfaction. Best Care coaching clients must be recommended for coaching by their supervisor. Coaching sessions are available in addition to EAP services at an additional cost. For more information about Best Care coaching services, please contact the Best Care EAP office.

Coaching Forms