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Employer/Employee Orientations

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Orientation for Employees

If employees know how to deal with personal problems and where to go for help, they are more likely to resolve matters quickly and remain productive contributors to the organization. This 17-minute session introduces Best Care EAP to your employees and outlines how the confidential, pre-paid service is available to support them and their eligible family members.

Best Care EAP Services
Short-Term Counseling, Wellness and Business Training, Critical Incident Response

Program Features
Confidentiality, Masters Level, Licensed Counselors, Eligibility, Accessibility

Areas of Support (examples)
Children/Family, Anxiety/Depression, Substance Use/Chemical Dependency, Financial Stress, Eating Disorders, Sexual Problems, Eldercare/Childcare Concerns, Emotional/Mental Health Concerns

Orientation for Management: Supervisory Training

Best Care EAP trains supervisors to identify and respond to job performance problems and safety issues. This 30-minute session reflects the specific needs of your organization and provides general information about the respective roles of the supervisor and EAP.

Integration and Utilization
Complete Overview of Best Care, How to Use Best Care as a management tool

Taking Action
Observation and Recognition, Documentation, Coaching, Follow-up

Ensuring on Effective Referral
Constructive Confrontation Skills, Dealing with Difficult Employees, When and How to Work With Best Care

Meet Our Trainers

Best Care EAP works with many skilled and knowledgeable professionals to deliver the support you and your company need. Our training team provides on-site courses and workshops on a variety of topics.

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