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Multi-Day Virtual Training Programs

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Best Care Learning Series are presented in an ongoing format consisting of 4-6 weekly sessions. If your organization contracts with Best Care for EAP services, the Learning Series are available at client-preferred rates.

Four Week Series: The Influential Leader

 New for 2024, The Influential Leader Series will only be offered virtually. Sessions are 9 - 11:30 a.m. (CST) for four consecutive weeks.

2024 Sessions:

Session One: Influential Leaders PERSUADE

There are only three ways to get people to do what you want/ need them to do: 1) you can coerce them; 2) you can bribe them; OR 3) you can persuade them. Only persuasion produces long-lasting, positive results. Learn why trust is crucial, and how to recognize and ethically apply the Six Principles of Persuasion

Session Two: Influential Leaders INSPIRE

Influential leaders learn that prompting others to effective action is often more about engaging hearts than winning minds. In this session you will assess your current level of EQ, sharpen your EQ skills and learn how to respond appropriately in a variety of emotionally-charged situations.

Session Three: Influential Leaders COACH

Influential Leaders most often use their powers of persuasion through coaching. Building on lessons drawn from the previous two sessions, this session will help you use your leadership style to be a more effective coach. You will learn strategies to coach through detours and challenges, achieve goals, and still support your team.

Session Four: Influential Leaders PLAN

It’s time for you to take the wheel! During this final hands-on session, you’ll set SMART goals for influencing outcomes. You’ll also craft an action plan that pin points people and resources, sets realistic timelines, and develops measureable milestones.

  • Research shows when companies invest in their employees’ wellbeing, it increases their engagement, productivity, resilience and retention. With this progressive format, each week’s material builds on the last so that participants can gain a deeper understanding of their personal strengths, priorities and values.

    Week 1: Healthy Mind & Body Take a look at how to manage your reactions to stress that will allow you to realistically assess threats and in turn give you control over the stress you experience.

    Week 2: Develop Your Personal Mission Statement and Goals Identify and develop focus through value clarification and the development of a Personal Mission Statement.

    Week 3: Resilience & Attitude Discover how an optimistic attitude can help eliminate stressors and enhance your career.

    Week 4: Resilience: Adapting to Change Learn to deal with imposed change that happens to you when you have no or little control. Learn how to put your resilience to work to effectively manage your reactions to change by learning the stages of transition.

    Week 5: Managing Your Social Community Explore ways to limit your social media access and balance your community commitments in order to manage stress.

    Week 6: Managing Financial Stress Significant numbers of Americans are living beyond their means and don’t have a clear plan for addressing the consequences of doing so. Research has linked the fear, stress, and conflict associated with money worries to significant health and social problems.

    For more specifics on this program and pricing, fill out our training request form or call (800) 801-4182 or (402) 354-8000.

    Money is the biggest stressor in most people’s lives. Wallet Wellbeing is a four-part progressive learning series that will inspire you to take control of your finances and your life. It does so by blending sound money management principles and techniques with opportunities for personal growth.

    Your Relationship with Money: Your relationship with money drives financial decisions which, in turn, determines quality of life. Assess the health of your current relationship with money and review a proven process for improving it.

    Making Friends with Your Money: Uncover attitudes developed in childhood that affect your current relationship with money. Identify new outlooks that will motivate you to learn from the past, plan for the future, and enjoy the present.

    Getting Out of Debt: Confront the reality of consumer debt and how drastically it limits your choices. You’ll begin freeing yourself from debt by reviewing the “3 Steps to Financial Security.”

    Planning for Stability: Take the next step to long-term financial and emotional wellbeing by developing a Personal Saving and Spending Plan (PSSP). PSSPs are customized financial tools that engage us and help prevent the worrying about finances, and start managing money proactively.

    For more specifics on this program and pricing, fill out our training request form or call (800) 801-4182 or (402) 354-8000.

    This progressive resiliency training series will inform and train your staff to embrace challenges and teach them the skills to overcome bumps. This series will help employees develop resiliency skills they can use in stressful circumstances.

    Session 1: What’s it gonna take? Each participant will take a variety of assessments based on what research has shown to be underlying factors in resilient people.

    Session 2: Do you have a growth mindset? How does a growth mindset alter the way we take on everyday challenges? Participants will be exploring Carol Dwieck’s Growth Mindset, and achieve an understanding on how to reframe thinking.

    Session 3: Positive Connectedness. Take a deeper look into the power of a positive mental attitude and the role social support plays in all this.

    Session 4: Got grit? While resiliency is all about bouncing back, grit helps us power through an issue and gets us back to some kind of “norm”.

    Session 5: The big picture. A sense of purpose helps us realize we are part of something larger than ourselves. Resiliency is within each of us. We would struggle in our daily lives without it. The trick is to be able to expand our resiliency capabilities in order to be prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow.

    For more specifics on this program and pricing, fill out our training request form or call (800) 801-4182 or (402) 354-8000.

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