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Hour or Less Training Programs

The Training Essentials programs are intended to be no longer than one hour and can be presented live at your worksite or via webinar.
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If Best Care is not your organization’s EAP, or your contract does not include service hours, all trainings can be purchased separately.

Please contact Best Care if you have questions or need to develop a customized training solution for your team.

Most of the programs that are listed are already available as on-demand webinars 24/7. Some trainings that involve group activities are not available as recordings.

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To schedule a session, call (402) 354-8000, (800) 801-4182 or fill out our training request form.

Leadership and Management

These are essential programs that will develop skills and behaviors that are necessary to manage and lead teams. Topics include:

  • Art of Influence (The)
  • Missed Opportunities: Uprooting Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Coaching: The Key to Employee Development
  • Confronting Substance Use in the Workplace (DOT)
  • Effectively Leading Virtual Teams
  • Empathetic Leadership: A Trauma Informed Approach
  • From BFF to Boss
  • Get AMPed: Motivating Today’s Employees
  • Managing Personality Conflicts
  • Managing Remote Employees and Teams
  • Managing Resistance to Change
  • Mental Health Awareness For Leaders
  • Preventing Workplace Violence For Leaders
  • Rider, Elephant, Path: The Psychology of Workplace Change
  • Stop the Drama, Leaders!

Health and Well-being

These are essential programs that will aid in the physical and mental well-being of your teams. Topics include:

  • Awakening Awe: Increase Energy and Reduce Stress
  • Bounce Back Better: Build Your Resiliency
  • Combating Burnout
  • Coping With Change
  • Cultivating Joy
  • Dealing With Financial Stress
  • Designing a Personal Wellness Plan
  • Digital Dilemma (The)
  • Frazzled vs. Festive: Managing Holiday Stress
  • Good Grief: Moving Forward from Recent Losses
  • Gratitude: The Key to Resilience
  • Grit and Bear It: How to Become Mentally Tough
  • How Food Impacts Your Mood
  • Preventing Compassion Fatigue 
  • Psychology of Money (The)
  • Psychology of Food Choice (The)
  • Recharge Your Motivation, Reimagine Your Dreams
  • Riding the Tiger: Serenity in the Age of Anxiety
  • Stress Less!
  • Substance Abuse Awareness for Employees
  • Suicide: What You Need to Know
  • Sweat, Smile, Repeat
  • Thriving Emotionally in Retirement
  • Timing is Everything!
  • Why Mindfulness Matters

Workplace and Career

These are essential programs that will develop and foster soft skills such as confidence, creativity, professionalism, communication and productivity. Topics include:

  • A Head for Success: Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Clues to Teamwork
  • Coaching Up for Career Success
  • Developing Your Personal Brand
  • Don’t Fear Feedback
  • Emotionally Safe Workplace (The)
  • Everyday Diversity: Find Power in Difference
  • Everyday Professionalism
  • Find Your Focus and Defeat Distractions
  • How to Make Conflict Productive
  • In Sync at Work: Five Generations, One Workplace
  • Managing the Change Process
  • Maximizing Health and Wellness in the Hybrid Workplace
  • Mental Health Awareness for Employees
  • Mentoring 101
  • Modeling Team Communication
  • Not So Innocent Bystander: Confronting Harassment (The)
  • Personality Styles at Work
  • Playing Your Part: How Team Roles Drive Success
  • Positive Attitude: A Check Up from the Neck Up
  • Power of Appreciation in the Workplace (The)
  • Preventing Workplace Violence for Employees
  • Putting Workplace Bullies in Their Place
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention: Test Your Knowledge
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention: Let's Get Honest
  • S'more Teamwork
  • Stop the Drama, Coworkers!
  • Successful Workplace Communication
  • Team Survivor: Sink or Swim
  • Teamwork: It's No Mystery
  • Thriving in Chaos
  • Time Management: Boost Your Effectiveness
  • Verbal Defense 
  • We Need to Talk: How to Have Crucial Conversations
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Work/Life Synergy
  • Your Customers, Your Success

Professional Assessments

Best Care EAP staff are certified Emergenetics and Insight Personality Spectrum program facilitators. These training options identify and assess both individual and team strengths to maximize work efforts.

Things to Know About Our Trainings

  • Two weeks advance notice is preferred to schedule live programs, however we will do our best to accommodate any time frame.  
  • Live trainings are only available within a limited geographical area. Please call Best Care EAP for clarification.
  • Most live trainings require a minimum number of participants.
  • Cancellations require a 48-hour advance notice.
  • Employee Orientations and EAP Supervisory Trainings are also available 24/7 via webinar on the Best Care EAP website.
  • On demand webinars are free and available on the Best Care website. If you would like Best Care EAP to track your organization's viewings, please call Best Care EAP with this request.
  • All Best Care EAP trainings end with a brief reminder of the Best Care EAP services available, i.e. eligibility, confidentiality, website login and passwords. 

If you have any questions about our trainings or would like to speak to one of our professional trainers, please call Best Care EAP at (800) 801-4182.