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The Nebraska Licensee Assistance Progarm is a benefit for Nebraska health and health-related service licensees, certificate holders and registrants.
Recovery Resources
View our list of helpful resources to assist in your recovery during the pandemic.


Monthly News


September 2023 - The Connection Between Loneliness and Substance Use

August 2023 - Prescribed medications can carry risks, too.

July 2023 - Common Behaviors of Substance Impaired Colleagues

June 2023 - Learn About the Active Chemical in Cannabis

May 2023 - The Connection Between Substance Use and Exercise

April 2023 - The Link Between Mental Health and Comorbidity

March 2023 - Alcohol Use Disorder: Know the Facts and Inspire Dialogue

February 2023 - I Don't Understand Why They Do This

January 2023 - The Facts About Fentanyl


December 2022 - 6 Tips To Prevent Relapse During the Holidays

November 2022 - Benefits to Stopping Substance Use

October 2022 - That Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Voice in Your Head

September 2022 - Denial and Substance Use: Get Help to Beat Both

August 2022 - When Substance Abuse Creates Thoughts of Suicide

July 2022 - Fake Pill Production on the Rise

June 2022 - When it’s Not Just a Casual Drink

May 2022 - May is Mental Health Awareness Month

April 2022 - Stress - Alcohol's Effect on Stress

March 2022 - Delta 8-THC Has Serious Health Risks

Feb. 2022 - Celebrate St. Patrick's Day without a drink this year

Jan. 2022 - Nebraska's deaths from meth use higher than from opioids


Dec. 2021 - Excessive Drinking    

Nov 2021 - Dopesick   

Oct 2021 - Alcohol Use Disorder   

Sept 2021 - Northpoint Article   

Aug 2021 - New Website Look

July 2021 - H..A.L.T. For Addiction Recovery   

June 2021 - Did you know?  NELAP Presentations are available...   

May 2021 - Fentanyl   

April 2021 - Continuing Care

April 2021 - Depression/Burn Out   

March 2021  - Drugs Seized by area law enforcement/DEA   

January 2021 - Compassion Fatigue and the Healthcare Professional

Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program Brochure

Learn more about the Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program and the services we offer.