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Who We Are

Expert EAP providers dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of our members.
Want to Learn More?
If you are interested in learning more or have a questions about our services, call us at (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182, or contact us using our online form.

Who We Are

Best Care EAP is a stand-alone employee assistance program and an affiliate of Methodist Health System, a respected not-for-profit healthcare provider based in Omaha, NE. Best Care EAP has proudly served clients locally, nationwide and in Canada for more than 40 years.

Our team is trained to provide members with a wide range of services to improve personal and professional well-being, including confidential short-term counseling by licensed counselors, employee referrals, critical incident response and, leadership training.

However, one aspect of Best Care EAP really makes a difference… it’s how we care for our members.

The Best Care ‘Concierge’ Approach

In simple terms, our 'concierge' approach means we are always working on behalf of our members as they utilize their Best Care EAP benefits. Our caring team is skilled, knowledgeable and, always ready to provide assistance while honoring confidentiality. From answering questions to setting appointments to sharing educational resources, treating each member with the respect they deserve is a top priority.

Our extraordinary level of care includes:

  • Completing the intake process for a smooth, seamless experience. Members contact us via phone or online to access any of our services and we take care of the rest.
  • Identifying the right licensed provider and appointment type for our members. Our average turnaround time is just over one business day to connect a member with an available licensed professional counselor, wherever the member is located.
  • Identifying resources and tools tailored to the unique needs of each member, allowing more choices for how they want to receive mental health support.
  • Ensuring that each member has a positive experience. Our team is easily accessible and responsive to questions and concerns as they arise.

Partnering with Best Care EAP can help your organization find success with its workplace well-being initiatives and control health care costs. Our comprehensive EAP offerings, unparalleled customer service, and dedicated account management consistently create positive experiences and outcomes for our members.