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Invest in your most valuable asset — your Employees.
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Best Care EAP Delivers Value

Best Care EAP is an investment that can result in significant savings for your organization.

Investing in Your Business

Best Care EAP demonstrates that employees who use the employee assistance program overwhelmingly experience positive changes in their work performance, such as having fewer days late or absent, higher levels of work productivity, and improved work team relations. Recent research concludes:

Absenteeism — After using the EAP, an average of 3.78 fewer hours of work is missed, or a 36.3% improvement.*

Presenteeism — Employees report their personal problems interfered less with their effectiveness at work after use of the EAP, or a 22.9% improvement in scores on a Presenteeism scale.*

Work Distress — After use of the EAP, employees on average report feeling less distress about going to work, or a 9.6% improvement in Work Distress scores.*

Productivity — Best Care EAP has demonstrated a monetary return on Investment of $8.00 for every $1.00 invested in improved productivity alone!

Investing in Your People

It is almost impossible to monetize a total return on investment for employer purchasers of EAPs. How do you place a value on:

  • Teaching an employee some new ways to manage her stress so she can sleep better at night
  • Helping an employee save his marriage and his family
  • Helping an employee’s teenage child overcome a drug addiction
  • Having a reliable EAP professional available at your work site when a long-term, well-loved employee has been killed in a car accident

In common sense terms, Best Care EAP support for your employees creates a positive impact  beyond a monetary return on investment--it also leads to a healthier community in which you do business.

Source: *Mental Health Works, First Quarter, 2015