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Three Benefits of Self-Awareness

Published: March 6, 2023

Did you know psychologists study the ways people are in tune with their actions and perceptions? The result of this research often reveals tips to help you be more in touch with your thoughts, feelings and how you approach daily interactions with others. 

Self-awareness allows you to influence outcomes, be a better decision-maker and it gives you more self-confidence — so, as a result, you communicate with more clarity and intention. Self-awareness seems like it would be an innate, automatic activity. However, it’s a conscious practice of looking at inner thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors. Being self-aware allows you to be open to seeing yourself from a different perspective or angle, like looking from overhead or the side. It also has key benefits that allow you to thrive both physically and mentally.

Three Benefits of Being Self-Aware
Healthier Body

When you’re aware of your body’s needs, you tend to take care of yourself by making choices that boost your physical health. You may go to bed earlier or go for longer walks. You’re mindful of how you feel. And when you feel good as a result of doing positive things for your health, you’re motivated to keep doing them.

Healthier Mind

Just like being aware of physical health, being aware of your emotional needs helps you make choices that support your mental health. You may decide to journal your thoughts and feelings or start meditation to feel more calm. Everyone is different, so whatever you decide is important to your emotional well-being is what’s right for you.

Balance in Everyday Life

The ups and downs of work and family life can bring challenges that are often beyond your control. When times get tough, you may cover up how you feel in an attempt to hold things together. In doing so, you disconnect from your feelings and emotions and feel off balance. To find balance again, you need to be aware of and acknowledge those feelings and emotions.

An immediate way to address your feelings and emotions is to regularly practice checking in with yourself at the exact moment you feel stressed. Stop, breathe calmly, and stay still for a minute. Visualize adjusting your position and setting yourself on a straight course. You may feel a difference that will allow you to regain balance again.

Being self-aware helps you cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself. You might find more focus and have a greater positive outlook for both home and work the more you practice self-awareness. You may also see a habit forming, which is a good thing as you work to make a change for the better. Maybe self-awareness is something you need after all? That’s for you to decide.

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