Cope With Stress by Building Resiliency

Published: Dec. 3, 2023

What is stressing out people these days? 

Work itself can be a source of stress, and low engagement at work is often related to higher stress. External factors like inflation, personal finances or relationship issues are also big sources of stress. Recent findings from the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America 2023 survey show that people want help with stress management:

  • Around three in five adults (61%) said people around them just expect them to get over their stress.
  • Nearly half (47%) said they wish they had someone to help them manage their stress.
  • Some adults (36%) said they don’t know where to start when it comes to managing their stress.
  • More than half (52%) said they wish they had someone to turn to for advice and/or support.

More than ever, it’s important to understand stress and how you can manage it. With too many stressors, your body might be on a constant state of high alert, leading to poor concentration, bad moods, professional burnout and mental and physical health problems.

Is My Stress Bad Enough?

You may feel like your problems aren’t bad enough to be stressed about, so you don’t seek help. You’re not alone. When it comes to stress management, many people struggle to cope and often bear the burden on their own.

“Stress is a normal part of everyday life and it's not all "bad" stress," said Jean Faber, MA, corporate director of Best Care EAP and Methodist Community Counseling Program. “We need some stress to function at our best because it enhances focus and performance. Stress becomes "bad" when it's chronic and we perceive life situations, like financial worries, relationship struggles, and work pressures, as threats. If stress goes on too long, it becomes physically and mentally harmful." 

No Need to Manage Stress On Your Own: Get Support From Best Care EAP

Stress is one of the top reasons employees visit with Best Care EAP licensed counselors, Faber said.

“Often one or two good conversations with a Best Care EAP counselor can provide an objective perspective to the challenges you're facing," she said. "Best Care counselors can help you envision new approaches and thought processes to help resolve the stress you're feeling, and build resiliency in the process." 

These simple de-stressing tips may be all you need instead of visiting with a counselor.

“There are lots of ideas to try for de-stressing, and there’s no one idea that works best,” Faber said.

Best Care EAP staff suggest three easy tips that you can do now:

Practice mindfulness: Being more mindful can help you focus on what’s happening around you. Take a moment to be still and breathe.

Write it out: Writing what’s on your mind in a journal can help decrease intrusive thoughts and other negative mental clutter.

Keep your space tidy: A messy desk or work area can lead to anxiety and make concentrating on work more difficult. Take a moment to organize your space.

Want Something More to Help You Manage Stress?  –Join The Resiliency Project Starting in January 2024! Watch video

There’s a saying: “It’s not how far you fall. It’s how high you bounce.” If you don’t bounce back so easily, there’s good news! Resilience, to some extent, can be learned, and there are some simple, practical things that you can do that may make a noticeable difference in helping you to bounce back better and reduce stress.

The Details 

Best Care EAP is offering The Resiliency Project, a free yearlong journey to help you become more resilient. Consider yourself “under construction” as you develop resiliency skills. Each month, you’ll attend a 30-minute live webinar that addresses different aspects of building your resiliency.

You’ll Build Skills to:

  • Bounce back from struggles
  • Overcome negative feelings about change and be more flexible
  • Handle adversity quicker through adapting
  • Transform your mindset
  • Identify barriers and make the strategic changes necessary to be more mentally and emotionally flexible

Who Should Participate?

The Resiliency Project is for Best Care EAP members and ideal for individuals and work teams. Managers and team leaders can use The Resiliency Project for team building!

Are There Expectations?

You bet! We want you to be intentional with your efforts to transform over the next 12 months.

How Will You Emerge?

By the end of The Resiliency Project, you'll have gained (and will be encouraged to put into practice) behaviors to allow you to adapt and respond to any situation, especially those that cause you stress. New habits will be formed and yours to keep.

Resilience won't make your problems go away — but it can give you the ability to see past them, find enjoyment in life and better handle stress. Register Today! The Resiliency Project is designed to fit your schedule. You may participate for the entire year or as desired. Either way, you'll benefit from a positive, transformative experience – and there’s no cost. Join us and get ready to be your strongest self in 2024!

Additional Help

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a Best Care EAP licensed counselor to discuss stress or any other issue that’s on your mind, please complete our Counseling Registration Form. Remember that your dependents are eligible to visit with our Best Care EAP counselors, too. If you have issues with the form, please call the Best Care EAP office at (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182, and we’ll be glad to help.

Well-Being Resources 

Best Care EAP offers free educational resources on our Resource Hub. Find informative webinars and articles in a number of different categories, including addiction, trauma, job and career, family, legal, and finance.