Emotional and Mental

Coping Suggestions for Grieving

Find a family member, close friend or a member of the clergy and talk with them about your experience. Don’t carry the burden alone; share it with those who care about you.

Experience your feelings as they arise if possible. Make time to cry as you feel the need.  Be gentle on yourself.

Put your thoughts on paper – it’s a good way to express your feelings and process them more easily and quickly.

Get enough rest, eat well-balanced meals and exercise regularly.

It is normal for your judgment to be clouded for a period of time.

Take advantage of your faith. Lean on it for support.

Try to do things with other people even if you don’t feel like it.

Plan your days. Activity may give you a sense of order, but don’t use activity to avoid your feelings.

The greater the loss – the more time it will take. Never compare yourself to another grieving person. Give yourself permission to go through your own recovery process.

There will always be sights, sounds, smell and comments that trigger sadness again – this is normal.

You will survive your loss, even a very painful one. Eventually, you will feel better and you will be able to go on again.

Give yourself opportunities to meet new people and experience new places and ideas. This will help you move on and build on the past.

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