Emotional and Mental

Depression Getting Over the Hurdle

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depression strikes over 17 million people every year—that is more than AIDS, cancer and heart disease combined. Yet depression is still misunderstood and often goes untreated.  For those suffering from depression, the key to restored health and happiness lies in understanding and treating the illness.

The Cause
  1. Divorce
  2. Job Loss
  3. Death or Grief

However, sometimes depression occurs even when life is going well.

  1. Family History
  2. Medical Condition
Warning Signs

Nine symptoms are often used to diagnose depression. If you have experienced most or all of the following symptoms for two weeks or more, you may be suffering from depression.

  1. Feeling sad, tearful or empty
  2. Little interest in activities you once enjoyed
  3. Change in appetite or weight
  4. Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  5. Restlessness or decreased activity
  6. Fatigue or loss of energy
  7. Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  8. Change in sleep patterns
  9. Thoughts of death or suicide
Getting Help

If you feel you may be suffering from depression, don’t wait.  It may not just go away. The strain of depression can negatively impact both your physical and mental health, and if left untreated can last months or even years.

A variety of treatment options are available. A Best Care EAP counselor can help you determine what is best for you and your family. 

To schedule your confidential appointment, please fill out the Counseling Registration Form. If you have issues with the form, please call our office at (402) 354-8000 or (800) 801-4182.