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Let's Explore Happy Places

Published: March 6, 2023

Most likely, you’ve heard the term happy place. A “happy place” is somewhere you can retreat to and get away from the stress of day-to-day busyness. It’s a place that brings you peace.

Happy places are different for everyone. For some, it’s a place that’s tranquil and may involve daydreaming, meditation or walking in nature. For others, it means engaging in a favorite hobby. A person can “go to their happy place” alone or with friends and family. It depends on what brings that person a sense of relaxation and overall happiness.

Does a Happy Place Have To Be a Place?

Your happy place doesn't have to be a physical spot. It can be a memory or an activity you enjoy. The point is to bring yourself temporary respite from whatever it is you’d like to take a break from.

What Does Your Happy Place Say About You?

Since a happy place is subjective, it says different things about different people. Maybe you prefer solitude to re-energize because your day-to-day life involves always interacting with others. Or maybe your daily life is the opposite, and your happy place involves action and adventure with others.

Happy places may change based on your personal needs. When choosing a happy place, remember that it’s where you experience positive emotions like joy, hope, and happiness and where you feel safe and secure.

Popular Happy Places
  • Spending leisure time with family or friends
  • Doing a favorite activity
  • Spending quiet time in solitude in nature or in a favorite place
  • Exercising or simply moving around
  • Taking a trip

Best Care EAP staff members shared their happy places and what they like to do to escape from daily routines to re-energize. If you don’t have a happy place, you may find inspiration in their answers.

  • “Time at the lake is always my place!”—Ellen McElderry, Methodist Community Counseling Program (CCP), program director
  • “My happy place is getting a massage with aromatherapy and heated bamboo sticks.” –Joy Youngland, Best Care EAP counselor
  • “My happy place is a quiet spot with a good book.”—Julie Lord, CCP counselor
  • "I enjoyed my Caribbean vacation so much that I like to visualize being there.” – Debra Kissel, CCP counselor
  • “At home snuggling my pup is my favorite place.”—Kim Hurst, Best Care EAP trainer
  • “My happy place is floating in the pool with the sun shining on me.”—Julie Vandervort, CCP support staff
  • “I enjoy going camping.”—April Epley, Best Care EAP manager, business office
  • “Doing absolutely nothing while spending time in the mountains or while on a cruise is how I re-charge.” – Terry Coleman, manager, clinical services
The No. 1 Tip To Find Your Happy Place

It’s not rocket science! If you want to identify your first happy place or you’re ready to switch it up and find a new one, simply choose a place, activity or memory that brings you a little joy and “visit” regularly. That’s it!

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