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Emily Niesse

Emily Niess, MS, LMHP, NCC

Emily Niess, MS, LMHP, NCC, began college with the goal of becoming a teacher. But she quickly realized that her passion for helping others was better suited for a career in mental health.

“I have always been the go-to for others when they needed an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on while also providing insight that may not have been considered before,” she said. “Knowing I have helped others through difficult situations motivated me to change course.”

As a counselor with Best Care Employee Assistance Program, Niess is experienced in treating clients who’ve suffered trauma, and she enjoys working with clients of all ages. Her favorite moment in her career came after witnessing a shy, scared 6-year-old girl evolve into a talkative, confident child. Niess is also adept at analyzing everyday stressors that lead to anxiety and depression while offering ways to cope.

“A lot of joy is felt when you see a patient leave without the weight of the world on their shoulders – or when you see them smile after they thought it was impossible to do so,” she said.

Niess is dedicated to providing The Meaning of Care and believes in treating clients as individuals – not defining them by their struggles. She vows to maintain a comfortable and safe place for every client who entrusts her with their troubles.

“It’s important to me that you leave knowing your words matter and your feelings are valid.”

Niess spends much of her free time with her three fur babies who “tend to run the show”: a golden retriever, Wrigley, an English bulldog, Harriet, and a cat, Dwight. She is a big Chicago Cubs fan and lives for dad jokes – “the cheesier, the better.”