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Professional Assessments & Coaching

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Emergenetics® Profile & Workshops

There’s one way to truly realize your personal and professional potential…and that’s through enhanced self-awareness. The Emergenetics® Profile will give you this insight.

Who Should Participate in a Workshop?

The Emergenetics® workshops are ideal for both individuals and work teams. 

  • For you: Take the profile if you're looking to advance your performance, build new skills and accelerate your career, or experiencing a professional challenge. Your results will make you aware of your actions, motives and decision-making tendencies, and become the foundation for achieving career goals.
  • For work teams: If your organization desires to enhance communication and collaboration among employees, the profile results and group reports will help you achieve this initiative. By taking the Emergenetics® Profile, work teams will learn thinking and behavioral tendencies to better realize strengths, how each team member works, and how best to work as team.

The Experience

Kim Hurst, training consultant with Best Care EAP, is an Emergenetics Certified Associate. Hurst delivers an energized and engaging experience for attendees! The three-hour workshop includes your individual Emergenetics Profile & Narrative Report, access to the Emergenetics+ Portal with eLearning and additional tools to continue your Emergenetics experience on your own time. 

"There are lot of exercises and assessments out there but I have found Emergenetics to be among the most useful set of tools to building stronger teams and enhancing our working relationships.  I have been impressed by how useful the tools have been to my team and their ability to find regular application for the information.”--past participant

“We took the assessment as a work team and the results revealed how each of us tends to make decisions. This was enlightening and we refer back to the results regularly to understand our tendencies so we can consistently work well together.”—Past work team participants 

Insight Personality Spectrum Assessment for Work Teams

When a work team participates together, each team member will gain insight into why their coworkers think, feel, and act the way they do. As a result, working relationships will improve and new opportunities for productivity, creativity, and more will emerge. 

Participants will:

             Know what to avoid to reduce stress in relationships

             Learn techniques that open communication

             Identify your natural leadership characteristics

             Work on building a strong-self image

Each team member will increase their tolerance, respect, and sensitivity to the needs, values, and attitudes of others. Ultimately, everyone will gain a new perspective to benefit their own personal and professional life!

The Experience

Dave Dechant, curriculum coordinator and training consultant with Best Care EAP, is an Insight Personality Spectrum Certified Associate. Dechant presents the workshop in a candid way that is a positive and enlightening experience for participants!

“Even though we’re a team of five people, we have different personalities and ways of doing things. Once we learned more about each of us as individuals, we saw the benefits of using that knowledge to grow stronger as a team, be more productive, and have fun at the same time!”—Past work team participants

Professional Coaching 

Coaching is used to assist an individual with improving job performance, advancing in a career, or achieving greater satisfaction or success with a job, career, or business.

How can it help an employee?

Coaching will focus on helping improve knowledge, skills or expertise to achieve the individual being coached and the organization’s coaching goals. Through one-on-one sessions, the Best Care Coach will work with the client to plan, practice and acquire specific competencies and/or achieve specific goals.

Coaching is ideal when:

  • You are looking to advance your career
  • You're already working on ways to improve your overall effectiveness
  • You have an employee you know has management potential

The coaching process works best when conducted over a period of time that allows for incremental learning, self-discovery and experimentation. Want to speak to someone directly about coaching options through Best Care? Give us a call.